Friday, February 18, 2011


This is for sale.
It is a Rocket-Jet-Plane-Helicopter

I made it with Sean.
We are asking $1,000,000,000.00

I know that there aren't time bombs on this picture 
but it does actually have time bombs that will come with it.

It can fly a million miles fast.
30 people can fit on it.
See that little box that has a picture of lighting on it?
It holds the power core.

You need to buy it from the News Journal.
I know it is weird but thats where we're making the power core.


  1. J-Man, I have been looking for a Rocket-Jet-Plain-Helicopter!! And your's is for such a great price. Can I pay you in candy??

  2. Madi, YES with 5 pieces of GUM! We'll talk details later.

    From J-man

  3. That looks amazing! I am going to start saving my money for it! Can I go for a test drive?

  4. Beth,

    When it's built but you have to have $55,300 million dollars. And also a treat for me.